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Extended Service Plan

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Precious, sentimental and valuable — from life-changing moments to cherished family traditions, jewelry is uniquely personal. Nothing quite compares to the “forever” attachment jewelry can create. But daily wear and tear and contact with lotions or cleaning products can loosen diamonds and gemstones, bend prongs and wear down mountings. It happens over time and often without visible warning.


Extended Service Plan

This plan covers merchandise that can have repair work done such as engagement rings and gold jewelry.

Consider the Savings

Over the lifetime of your jewelry, costs for refurbishing, repairing, resizing and other services can add up. With the purchase of the KAY Extended Service Plan, your jewelry is covered for life.†

Gold Ring Sizing (up or down two sizes) $54.99
Prong /Stone Tightening $59.99
Stone Resetting $50 - $150
Repair Damaged Setting $110+
Refinish and Polish $46
Earring Back and Post Repair $107+
Clasp Repair $24 - $58
Re-tip Prongs $46+
Chain Repair $45.99
Rhodium Finish $48.99

*Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

†See KAY Extended Service Plan terms and conditions for specific details.

Modern Creation lab created diamond ring from KAY Jewelers

The KAY Extended Service Plan makes it easy to keep your jewelry beautiful, clean, strong and worry-free. This one-time purchase provides a lifetime of protection as well as precious peace of mind.


Popular Services

  • Ring sizing — right-size the ring to ensure the best comfort and fit
  • Prong/Stone tightening — use existing metal to tighten the stone in a non-prong setting
  • Stone resetting — reset diamonds and gemstones into an existing setting
  • Repair damaged setting — repair the part of the jewelry that includes only the central gem, typically the “head” and “shoulders” of a ring
  • Refinish and polish — properly clean the jewelry and polish to restore the beautiful luster
  • Repair damaged earring backs — repair or replacement of earring back and post
  • Repair clasp — repair of the spring-loaded round jewelry clasp
  • Re-tip prongs — rebuilding of damaged or worn prongs
  • Rhodium finish — ring is dipped in rhodium for a crisp, extra shiny look

If Your Jewelry Costs: Lifetime ESP Purchase Price Is:
$0.01 - $75.99 $19.99
$76.00 - $100.99 $29.99
$101.00 - $150.99 $54.99
$151.00 - $200.99 $64.99
$201.00 - $300.99 $79.99
$301.00 - $500.99 $104.99
$501.00 - $750.99 $129.99
$751.00 - $1,000.99 $159.99
$1,001.00 - $1,500.99 $199.99
$1,501.00 - $2,000.99 $219.99
$2,001.00 - $2,500.99 $249.99
$2,501.00 - $3,000.99 $299.99
$3,001.00 - $3,500.99 $329.99