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  • Shop fine jewelry cleaner at KAY Outlet

    Fine Jewelry Cleaner

    Get your fine jewelry - gold, silver, platinum & harder gemstones - looking its best with this Lasting Brilliance Fine Jewelry Cleaner.
  • Polishing Cloth

    Polishing Cloth

    Designed to safely clean and polish gold, silver and platinum jewelry and watches, this Lasting Brilliance Professional Polishing Cloth is great to have on hand.
  • Shop gentle jewelry cleaner at KAY Outlet

    Gentle Jewelry Cleaner

    Rejuvenate your jewelry - diamonds, pearls, porous and treated gemstones - with this Lasting Brilliance Gentle Jewelry Cleaner.
  • Shop jewelry cleaner wipes at KAY Outlet

    Cleansing Wipes

    These ultra-soft wipes safely clean most gemstones and metals, metal watches, strands of pearls and other pieces that are not suitable for soaking in a jar of cleaner.
  • Shop sparkle and shine stick at KAY Outlet

    Jewelry Cleaning Stick

    This 1-ounce cleaning stick is TSA-friendly, making this perfect for traveling and cleaning on-the-go and ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places.
  • Shop the jewelry renewal system at KAY Outlet

    Jewelry Renewal System

    Keep your collection bright and sparkling with this Lasting Brilliance Jewelry Renewal System, a four-piece cleaner and tool kit to care for your favorite styles.
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