KAY Outlet In-Store Services

In Store Services

At KAY Outlet, we strive to offer you a full range of services in addition to our collection of fine jewelry. Our friendly in-store professionals will guide you through every step of your decision-making, because we know all of your jewelry is special, whether it's for an engagement, special gift, or "just because". We're here to help, even after you leave our stores.

Repair & Maintanence

Our Jewelry Repair Professionals help you keep your precious jewelry looking great. We strive to fix it right, the first time, and have it back you quickly. We'll work with you to maintain your jewelry so it continues to be as beautiful as the day you received it.
Learn more about repairing and maintaining your jewelry

Custom Design Services

Can't find the design of your dreams? We can help you make that design into jewelry with our in-store customer design services.
See how we can help create your unique jewelry design

KAY Gold Exchange

Have gold or platinum jewelry you don't wear anymore? We'll buy your jewelry at the most competitive price.
Find out more about our exchange services

Diamond Gemscope

With the help of our diamond gemscope, we are able to carefully examine our customer's merchandise, identify the unique characteristics that make their piece unique, and determine what repairs are necessary to restore it's beauty. We can also confirm the authenticity of the diamonds and color gemstones in each piece.

Ear Piercing

We're excited to offer ear piercing services at select KAY Jewelers and KAY Outlet locations as a convenient and professional option for our customers who are looking to start their new earring collection.
Find out more about our ear piercing services

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