Color Stone Care

Every color stone has its unique colors and qualities, and therefore, treatment and care is different for each one.

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Natural gemstones may have been color and/or clarity treated by various enhancement processes including, but not limited to, heating (generally); oil/wax/resin (emeralds, opal, tourmaline, turquoise); diffusion (sapphires, rubies, topaz); irradiation (some color diamonds, topaz, tourmaline, morganite); fissure-filled with a glass-like by-product (rubies); or dyed (chalcedony, sugilite). Treatments may not be permanent and/or may require special care. Our trained professionals are knowledgeable in repairing jewelry that contains treated gemstones. 

Exposing gemstones to extreme heat, excessive light, chemicals and ultrasonic, steam or abrasive cleaning should be avoided. Generally, gemstones should only be gently cleaned by rinsing in warm water and drying with a soft cloth. Proper care is required in jewelry repair as extreme heat can damage gemstones and/or treatments.

Tanzanite is 6 1/2 on the Moh's Scale, making it a very brittle stone. Delicate washing in warm water with mild soap is suitable, but it should never be exposed to vigorous activity, ultrasonic cleaners and excessive temperatures. Extreme temperatures can actually change the color of some stones.

Also, unlike other color stones, opal is not internally solid but rather gelatinous. It ranks about a six on the hardness scale and is very susceptible to scratches and cracks. Impacts should be avoided as well as ultrasonic cleaners, excessive heat, hot water and steam. It is recommended to clean opals with baby oil or olive oil to prevent them from drying out.

Steam cleaners should also be avoided for garnet, amethyst, peridot, tourmaline and citrine. If you are uncertain about the right care for your stone, visit Jewelry Wise for more information.

It is our policy not to sell or trade in gemstones that have been treated with vapor deposition. Also, we do not sell rubies from Myanmar/Burma, composite rubies, coral or ivory.
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